🫶🏻 – Milana Vino


‘Live the life you love and love the life you live’. A sentence we all know but are far from applying including me, we are constantly busy chasing our fast and dictating world and forget for a moment that the soul is our most important thing! The last few months have been really crazy for me behind the scenes, the so-called ups, downs, decisions, regrets, successes, failures, tears of joy, and another sea of ​​madness and thoughts, whether it’s in my personal life or whether it’s my work, which gave me a headache and made me realize that I need to let go, breathe and, above all, enjoy. Because I have already forgotten to enjoy the road. So I let go even if it took me some time and I gave it to the universe, God bless him and my belief that life is the most beautiful thing in existence to understand that you need to use every moment in happiness because it doesn’t come back and from that moment, I understood how a happy person really feels and remember, everything else is a bonus 😉🫶🏻



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